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Beitrag von karolina am Mo Dez 21, 2015 11:26 pm

Thinking of the final discussion on Friday, I remembered one abstract I have read:

"In recent years, the notion of commoning has been widely discussed, also in relation to bottom-up urban practices and alternative forms of living in the city. Even though these practices often involve a lot of reproductive labor, politics of practices of care, maintenance, and mutual aid have not played an important role in these discussions concerning the realm of the city. Nevertheless, questions of reproductive labor have been, and still are, of central concern for feminist and decolonial theorists and activists, highlighting power relations structured by gender and class, migration and the global economic order. Therefore we want to re-visit a spatial typology that has bin crucial to feminist discussions of space – the kitchen – and discuss it in relation to commoning. We will look at several examples of kitchen politics to discuss the role of the kitchen today, to reframe discussions around it in the light of current economic crisis, and to explore the borders the perspectives offers to us. The talk will draw on marxist feminist theorists like Silvia Federici, and look at contemporary and historical examples such as one-kitchen-buildings, including research conducted with the spaces of commoning research group."

If you find it relevant/interesting - maybe concerning the kitchen topic - I can tell you more. I also have her mail address and phone number.


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